About VG8 Radio

 VG8 Radio: The Voices of Greatness!

VG8 Radio is your Online Radio portal designed to inform, inspire, involve, and empower Filipinos from all over the world that will help you revive, remember and rekindle the great YOU! It is produced by Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales – a veteran Voice Artist and Voice Director, experienced Radio Broadcaster, internationally-awarded youth advocate, award-winning author, and a highly sought-after Voice Coach, Speaker and Trainer.
He brings his expertise in producing radio programs to all Social Media Platforms through CreatiVoices Media, the broadcasting arm of CreatiVoices Productions!
You are designed to become a success, to reach your goals, to leave this world better than you found it. But as you grow, rejections, criticisms, disappointments, and many other forms of frustrations have covered the light that's supposed to shine from inside of you.
Whoever you are, wherever you are... THERE'S GREATNESS INSIDE OF YOU.

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